Hello, I'm Sanya. I'm Indian and I live in England I find chaos rather interesting and sometimes depressing but mostly Beautiful. I love sarcastic, witty and interesting people.I dance, do Karate and read a lot (but never enough). I'm interested in alot of things, T.V (American aaand British), Films (American, British and bollywood ) Music, Quotations, poetry and anything else that describes or replicates the Human Condition.
Books, photography, fashion, art (love paintings/sculptures).

The stuff I post here is not mine if not STATED and If I haven't credited it is ONLY because I don't know who was the original designer/maker ect...
Only The Ramblings are mine :)
This is a personal blog that will both include emotional fangirling, angry ranting and overall randomness. Something quite like organised chaos (possibly lacking some organisation).
So yea... please ask me anything you want. Happy to answer.